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Trade Show


Buzz Builder
When exhibiting at a trade show you’ll want to use imprinted products that will attract people to the trade show in the first place, to your booth while there, and more importantly, to your company after it’s all said and done. Consider your booth personnel; it’s a good idea to provide them with matching, imprinted shirts. Pick a bright color, so they stand out among the crowd of exhibitors. Pre-show, get your hands on a list of attendees and send lanyards, wristbands, badge pouches and bags to your top 500 prospects from that.

Education Sessions
Along with the pre-show goodies, provide some of the items people will need for education sessions. Bottled water allows attendees to keep hydrated on the go, while a folder, pen, or highlighters are items they are sure to use. USB drives show prospects your company is far from ordinary.

In-Booth Traffic Builder
During the show, grab attendees’ attention. Mints will attract their eye. Then, after you’ve introduced yourself and the company, offer items such as a letter splitter, stationary pail, or keychain as an additional gift for stopping by. Draw attention to your booth with a custom pop up or table display.

After-Show Follow-up
In addition, after the show, a simple paperweight is functional and appreciated and will really reflect positively on your company.

Pre-Show Buzz Builder
Custom Polyester Lanyards
Brand Gear™ Marketplace™ Shopping Tote Bag™
Education Sessions
Metal USB Drive 500
Letter Size Foil-Stamped Presentation Folder
Bottled water 8 oz
Express Backpack 2.0 (Black/Lavender)
In-Booth Traffic Builder
Snap Top Round Mint Tin Box with Mints
Tradeshow Custom Event Advertising Pole Banner
Air Fresheners
After-Show Follow-Up
Atomic digital wall clock
Cosmo Gift Set
Allegro Gift Set
Mat Board Bevel Easel Photo Frame 4x6
Sandvertiser Logo Sand Sifter Paperweight Stress Reliever
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